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     Focus on the Family
     Dr. James Dobson
     Nurturing and Defending Families Worldwide

    The 2nd Coming of Christ
    Watch this powerful video for a reminder 
     of what we are waiting for...Maranatha!

     Cannonball Baptism
    Now this is being filled with the Holy Spirit!

The Day God was Kicked out of School

    What has happened to America?

     Thank a Soldier!

    Let's show them we care!
    This is a free service provided by The Xerox Company to give us an opportunity to send 
     printed postcards to soldiers overseas to show our support and appreciation for
    their service to our country.

     Women of Faith

     You can´t help but laugh!
    Betcha can´t keep a straight face...

     RBC Ministries
     Devotionals from
     Our Daily Bread

     Sending Smiles Overseas!
    Let's show them we care!
    Military Care Packages: Sending Smiles Overseas
    to soldiers to show our support and appreciation
    for their service to our country.

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